YouTube: “Move Your Body” Music Video with Beyoncé

In an effort to support Michelle Obama’s campaign to lower childhood obesity levels, the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation and Beyoncé teamed up to create a music video that promotes physical activity. The video takes advantage of YouTube’s viral abilities; it solicits the help of a star to help excite users to watch and share the video. Beyoncé’s connection with this video and campaign will pop up every time her name is searched, allowing the initiative to gain greater momentum.

While the video does not explicitly list ways to eat healthy and exercise, the lyrics promote physical activity. If Beyoncé were to appear in public service announcement instead, the video would get far less views. The video was posted on April 26, 2011 and has already received over 3 million views; the fact that it is a music video about physical activity and not a PSA greatly adds to the appeal.

But the ambiguity of the video that makes it so appealing as a music video, may negatively affect the initiative. Viewers may watch the music video and fail to see the connection between Michelle Obama’s campaign. While this video will reach more viewers, it may not have a clear enough message. Short promotional video clips must always compete with the thousands of new videos uploaded each day, and must balance between being educational and appealing.

The music video takes place in a school and since this music video is associated with a national campaign to lower obesity among children, viewers may negatively associate schools with obesity levels. Viewers may begin to assume that obesity levels have increased because there is a lack of physical activity in schools. Since Beyoncé encourages physical activity in a school setting, it may be assumed that children need to exercise more in schools.

Questions for you:

When you watch the video are you inspired to work out and eat better? Have you seen this music video before reading this blog post? Did you know that this music video was connected to a national initiative to lower obesity levels? After watching the video, do you think that obesity levels are high among American children? Do you think schools are responsible for the increase in obesity levels?


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